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The ‘Golden Age of Advertising’ when cigs and alcohol was more than available, when Dinners were space to start and end your day and men were more than advertising back then…is what this editorial instantly reminded me of. Why, not sure exactly. There is no smoke, nor easy colours of the Earth, nor the image of fine young overly but tight-dressed up women, there is nothing that says ‘New York’, but still something screams of American time back then and by that I don’t mean the flag.


Perhaps the image Lana Del Ray managed to create during her raising. Image of the youth that wants to be free, girls who liked wrong men for the right reasons, girls that liked to be treated as ladies and whores at the same time, faithful and sinful at the same time. Aren’t we all.

However considering even the fact that this has nothing to do with USA youth rise, I certainly like the way Art direction here is going in. Creating a certain mess in the photos, makes you look at it more than once and ask yourself what exactly is going on here? 

Is this daddy a pimp? What’s the year? I leave this to you like I left it to myself.

I love the one source daylight shots and the proper use of it. By proper I mean not burning the images and not being selfish by embracing the fact that on the other side is a complete darkness that you will have to learn how to control in the postproduction. This young girl mostly knew how to do this. 

Hope you got inspired, like I did. 

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Update of the names and links, soon.


Sanja Čežek

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