Lucile’s art of anatomy in Fashion

This time I fly you to France. 

To some France represents a country of fine wine, good looking women or simply something that we unconsciously relate to an emotion of simple Satisfaction.

To me, France is a country of good taste, that managed to pervade through almost every detail of everyday life. Although I have never visited, during my sleepless internet nights and readings, I have managed to find so many talented artists, that I can not even choose from. This time I have made a decision to publish a wonderful and inspiring work of Lucile Godin. A French photographer, I’d say pretty much covering every segment of this field.

What I find very intriguing within the art of Lucile, is the cleanness of the photo and the simplicity of her concept development. With studio light, that looks almost like a daylight she tells a story of two similar souls.

Dermes // Girls body placed in a position as a naked cat to me brings the feeling of connection between the two naked bodies and perhaps even the similarity within our personalities and fragility. Perhaps it has something to do with my attachment to the cat in general, but I really experienced a feeling with this one.


Laure // A series with older woman dressed and acted in fashion never fails to blow me away. Young models are moderately easy to set and put in a right mood for the shooting because the are usually experienced and there for the modeling. When it comes to elders, I think they have the ability to bring an increased dose of Life in.

2sa 1sa

Le Sexe Rouge//

Well, what can I say here except that I am generally so much in love with form and contrast in the photos. Also the composition in these ones did not fail to amaze me.


Please, check more of her work here. Marvellous artist and worth paying attention to.

Sanja Čežek

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