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I must say I had a huge luck knowing the previous publisher and editor of the 25 Magazine and was one of the first ‘youngsters’ to know that this mag has been forwarded to Anja Rubik to continue it’s further development. I was also the one to hold this issue probably before it was placed in stores. Also I feel free to brag about this all, because it’s been a long time plan, since I wanted to write something about 25, because I have been keeping up so firmly with all it’s activities ever since it got into Anja’s hands.






I haven’t had a single doubt she will handle this well and even, give more life and concept into it. I was over-jealous (of course in a positive meaning) when I saw the first issue because of it’s perfection,  art direction and of course book design and quality of print. Although third issue is not one of my favorite and if you ask me, first and second comparing to this were a mind-blow, still third issue sums up the whole concept of the ‘’SELFAPPRECIATION” world we live in today.

In the very beginning, Anja announces that the concept for 25 third issue, is actually the image of one God we are all praying to – NARCISSISM. Heavy word perfectly describing internet, which today is being drowned in our miserable ‘selfies’ where we ask for attention, sadly, on daily basis.

Likes make our day seem real and when it comes to comments, not only they raise our self-confidence, they are also very powerful in navigating the opinion we build about our-selves. This is, of course, a routine or I better say decease that applies to all of us, no exceptions, unless you’re having a little trouble with your router these days. 

We (humans) have surrounded ourselves with an imaginary rich social life, thinking it’s real and open our mouth in surprise when we don’t get a feedback for being an ‘attention whore’. Any kind of feedback would do, just to make our day feel complete. We (artists) are settling down for few likes on a five-minute morning sketch or beat, because ‘it’s important we present ourselves as a workaholics’, god forbid somebody thinks of us otherwise. You are lucky if you were able to be a part of the generation, that ‘grew up’ without internet tapping you on the back, but started using it on time and properly. Good if you kept a little bit of intimacy for yourself, especially if you managed to keep working for your own good instead for likes. You are lucky if you are strong enough to stay true to yourself, not thinking you will fade away because you were not present in a todays news-feed. Then you are the one to be praised. But, unfortunately, very often this is not the outcome for you.

My opinion is that being a ‘like-whore’ is most definitely not the way to go or exist, but how to attract someone’s attention in this world/feed full of unnecessary posts, news and information that gets more attention than someone who actually deserve it? Since I also work in advertising, I share the opinion with my ad-experienced husband, that this is most definitely the end of an Advertising Era and we are certainly stepping into the world of material possession. Where there is no need for a good copy or a 10sec. commercial, just one plain image of something actual will turn ‘I might buy this’ into ‘I have to OWN this’, not having in mind what this whole behaviour might turn us into. 

Selfish little snobs aren’t we? If you doubt you’re one, at least a little, then, why are you here?

Anyhow, what Anja said and how she made the opening of the third issue more or less combines with the rest of the images and although I read the whole mag, I failed to find a connection between concept and some of the editorials. But, since I am very heavily satisfied as a person in general, no wonder. Still I would be a complete *** to say this hasn’t been thought through and wonderfully done. The fact that one of my todays favourite musicians JIHAE has been photographed for this issue made me so happy. I’d make sure I make one special spotlight for her style, world and music. She has just recently published a new single so if you can download it for free.




Art direction in most of the editorials to me is flawless, models and other artists are magnificently presented, not to mention the cover that has been so well synced with the whole concept, so if you come across some bigger amount of money on the street, save it for this issue.



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Sanja Čežek

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