Sanja Čežek, Founding EditorsnobbysanjaA multi-disciplinary art director and designer, with wide experience in editorial and layout design, digital, brand positioning, web and app design and concept development. Also a co-owner of the experience and toy design studio Fuchs+Dachs. A passionate fashionista and collector of independent and aesthetically mature magazines from around the world. A photographer, longboarder, gamer and writer in her spare time. 

photographer & writer
snobbytaylorHailing from the legendary and magical California, my dabbling in the fashion/art industry has peaked my interest. An interest that has evolved into passion. And passion into a clinical obsession. After being voted most likely to talk to you about “Art and shit” in highschool, I went off to NYC where I spent my time as a writer covering the notorious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, peddling art in a shabby TriBeca contemporary gallery, and styling wealthy individuals over a 5 year time period. With 22 countries under my belt, I have spent the last 3 years traveling the world, rubbing shoulders with creatives in the industry, curating art shows, designing festivals,  and occasionally shooting a horrendous fashion film.
But why fashion? Like the stupidest, genius of all time, Kanye West, passionately stated “ Fashion is one of the highest art forms on this planet ”. Yes I quoted Kanye (expect a lot of that) and yes I agree with him.Fashion is an industry that is seamlessly intertwined into modern culture, both influencing and reflecting it. A notorious industry that has conceived some of the world’s most masterful and eccentric art directors, photographers, and general icons. Whether you want to or not, everyone participates on some level and is susceptible to the tremendous creative force of the fashion directors. Creatives who are challenged 1-5 times a year to create original artwork that resonates, woos, and challenges their audience.


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