Jose Ferreira


\ void \ for ‘superior’ mag

Jose is a young artist born in Lisbon, Portugal. He has enrolled into the world of both documentary and fashion photography in 2007 and since that time, he has won many international awards. 

We believe that the editorial ‘’Void’’ is one of the best representatives of his work and art direction that sums up the whole idea of an ‘’empty’’ space. Although this magnificent clothes, we can see on his images, is busy and filled with textures, patterns containing heavy yet wonderfully trash moments that had been so well combined, manages to turn the whole model into a very posh and unreachable girl statue, to whose free spirit you undoubtedly must pay your respects.







Makeup and hair sums up the rest of this story about a ‘free, void girl’, not jeopardising her Venera. The complete ‘deserted’ filing we get while going through the editorial, is amazingly reached only by the colour and a very wisely chosen ambient.

We like how the photographer gathered all the tiny trash bits and wrapped them all together into one image that is filled with a lot of details, elements and busy backgrounds – yet he keeps the simplicity and clearness in his art direction. He lets us sum up the whole editorial as a very fresh and trashy piece of art, creating the world of free will in which we would like to step in.












Photo | Jose Ferreira
Model | Tamara Wolter, Central Models
Styling | Sara Soares, C’est fantastique!

Make-up&hair | Paulo Varela by Schwarzkopf Osis Professional





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