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Somehow I always feel invited to enter one artist’s world whenever I see it has a very significant signature shining on it’s outside. Although, preparing the content quite in advance I am to post here, I tend to skip my own rules and schedules when it comes to meeting a strong and loud scream such is Maria Svarbova‘s portfolio.9ded907f483a0a4bda25b4c68e610e07

This young and talented girl sometimes goes under pseudonym Aria Baro, lives and works in Slovakia and the most amazing fact concerning this girl for me is that she found herself in world of photography, not so long ago – 2010, to be precise. And here comes the most interesting part – since then, she won many prestigious awards around the globe, signed off a contract with American VOGUE, not to mention that very soon her work will be exhibited in a Sakura gallery in Paris, after which it will visit entire France, as well as 80 other galleries in the world. Pretty impressive for a 26 year old artist, don’t you think?

I take her to be a very witty photographer connecting conceptual fashion approach, always embracing a self-principal act of capturing an editorial. A bit of melancholy and empty space filled with uniformed people is what usually cannot leave you without impression, if I say those might be one of the very few things we are actually scared in life. The model strikes a reserved pose in each photos, that makes me wonder what is the next move and the dreamlike  atmosphere in the photos is something that stops you from looking for the reason, but rather making you search for the meaning behind it.

Some of the images we are presenting her with, contain an amusing, gentle yet very raw observation of the marriage, games and loneliness and all the other segments of our little lives, that we are all part of eventually, in any context.

Enjoy, I surely did.

dc717fbcc101e6f131fbfc212701bb5829cb9425df70fac4e48c4f50b1fb2f501ec2bff597a9298cb6928feb2acc108bThe game. 

cf72badfe2cab77fe3f32cbddd18320c 13ca1ead60c94ed2947d0885d81cafec 1d2dcdc03bfbb67e6ed7141b00634721Alone.

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Story_Sanja Čežek 

Sanja Čežek

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