We have opened a free submission form for all artists who would like to be featured in SnobbyAmish online magazine. If your work gets featured, you are presented in our magazine and or F*Zine and you may even get a chance for an interview. For submission, please contact us via the contact form provided below. We are very happy to receive submissions from all artists, however do have in mind that we are also very picky.

F*zine is an art fanzine, which will come out as a monthly printed 6pg issue and will be promoted around various urban space locations, on the territories of Slovak and Czech Republic. It will link to the works of the latest featured artists or interviews on our blog. Note that we are very open for collaboration with bloggers. For further briefing, contact us via the contact form provided below. Please, read through all the submission requirements, or else we will not consider your work for publishing.


Your submissions should:
be connected to ART [design, photography, styling or beauty]
we don’t mind nudity, however it should be implemented tastefully

General Submission Guidelines:
all submissions shall come via our Contact form, featured below; please do not send submissions via e-mail
You may upload your submission via WeTransfer or Dropbox and send us the link!

in a subject* box please write “submission / your name”
please send us maximum 1 photo per each submission / various editorials appreciated / include in the Attachment box
send us your short bio and webpage link to your work along with the submission / include in the Message* box
include all team credits with your submission, websites of team members are required if they shall be linked / include in the Message* box
include all artist, present on the project, credits for every single photo / Message* box
we will notify every one of you after we receive your submission

submissions publish will be based on quality of your work
submitting your work does not guarantee that you will be featured in our magazine

Submission requirements:
All submissions must be in JPG / JPEG format
minimum width of submitted photo must be 1800px
resolution of the submission must be max 72ppi, max. 155ppi

 Thank you & good luck
S|A Team

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