Winning our first ‘Best Gameplay’ Award at Brno Game Conference ’18

This photo was taken after we won the Best Gameplay Award & got nominated for Best Game Art award at the Game Access Conference in Brno… it’s very obvious we were so surprised & hyped we didn’t even know how to properly take a photo. So, meet our 5 months old team, DELL monitor, and the invisible Best Gameplay Award.
We’re finally back home and thanks to all those amazing reactions not just from the players and visitors, but many Great game makers, such is the infamous John Romero, Nate Stephens (Sony SM Studio / God of War), Marek Madej (CD Project Red / Witcher 3) & many publishers… We are really recharged and already back in our chairs, to continue our awesome collaboration with the Twin Petes studio in order to make the Ministry Of Broadcast game, the game you can play for hours! By that I mean, finished.
John Romero, commenting on our game after dying

Receiving the ‘Best Gameplay Award’ – unorganized and surprised we won
Receiving the ‘Best Gameplay Award’ – unorganized and surprised we won
Sitting with amazing guys from the “Witcher 3” team, Greenlight Games and our amazing partners in crime Twin Petes.

We’re happy to be back home and we’ll be away for a while, but not too far away. There’s game to be made. Follow up with the game progress on Twitter! Or for more info check our interview for Vortex.

Stay tuned.