Kinfolk Magazine

Something that I never travel without is one of Kinfolk magazine issues. Whether it’s food topic they are touching, which is not my favorite, or interior, vacation, business – they always seem to address the topic in a really multidisciplinary way. By this I mean they include so many different people, examples, stories and they vary in their topic approaches from the religiously conservative to the most amateur ones. There are many magazines nowadays that try to imitate Kinfolk. As curious as I am, I made sure I order, read them and do some research.

However, there is one thing that stands with my preferred one and falls with everyone else no matter how hard they try, and they really do: Kinfolk’s writers, creative directors, art directors are highly educated, experienced people that give this amazing finish touch to the whole thing. So, not only you read the magazine for their curated content, you read it because it’s educational in both visual and spiritual way.

If you’re based in Europe, we recommend ordering Kinfolk latest issues via Bookdepository.

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