After I watched all he has to offer and before I started writing an article about this young man, I wondered – if I could just find only one thing to write about and concentrate my thoughts on it, but no. Mundi is someone who deserves to be thanked to, for showing us ALL of what Iceland has to offer. Not just plain fields and lovely scenery, but their wool and what one artist, such is MUNDI can do with what nature has to offer.


He was born in Iceland, where he studied graphic design at the Academy of Arts. His first contact with ‘fashion’ was actually happening during his studies, when he decided to do a project for the cover of the Icelandic phonebook and came up with idea, that gave him a chance to have a direct contact with the wool manufacture and experience in textile production. Soon enough, Mundi became the first Icelandic designer to ever sell in the concept store ‘Kronkron’ and ‘MUNDI’ sweaters became talk of the Iceland, giving this young man an idea of starting his own label, which he soon did.

When I first came across Mundi’s clothes I was impressed by the patterns and of course the thing i pretty much miss these days – locations that are empty, deserted and dream-a-like, in which he chooses to shoot his collections. Now, when I say ’shoot’ I actually mean direct and film. I, personally, call him the next Woodkid. 

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Partially avoiding photography when it comes to presenting his collections and rather than anything, enrolling himself in the art of direction, scenography and sound design, creating a scary dream-world of his own by using the maximum potential of his Homeland. It’s sort of making you seeing the things other way, in which fashion becomes a story and story is told by the video, followed by authentic background sound, that triggers an emotion making you remember MUNDI’s clothes. And in the end, that’s all that matters.

What I love so much about this designer and many other artists is the ‘curiosity’ moment. Not many artists have it. I say, a lot of them don’t, which doesn’t mean they are not good at what they do, just… they like to keep themselves on the familiar territory. Not many artists want to explore the world of film, fashion, graphic design and music at the same time, although I think it is kinda important not just to look and glaze throughout the internet, but also involve yourself in as many fields of art as possible. It can teach you not to be afraid of the unfamiliar. That way you will be able to learn how to approach new things, how to appreciate them and accept, but also to give your share and involve in it.

The Journey from NOWFASHION on Vimeo.

SNOWBLIND from Mundi Vondi on Vimeo.

Rabbit Hole from steffi thors on Vimeo.



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