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Recently I have realised how much I am actually tired of film photography overwhelming the Internet and in most cases it hasn’t been used for any specific reason, rather then trend.

Following trends is cool, it can get you places and jobs, however still you are a dead fish among other dead fish going along with the Mother Nature and it might just get you burned in the end. You might not agree with me on this, but as Lebowski says “it’s just like, your opinion man”.

For the first time in the past year, I found myself delighted by someone’s film editorials and there are so many good ones that I literally had a problem what to publish. Combining new age fashion with old traditional behaviour and locations is the fact why film clicked here so fine. 

Repetitive composition can very often be tense and aggressive, however his is usually so relaxed, it makes every detail come very naturally to us, although some images might awake a stronger empathy within some of us. Not to mention how most of the images look as if they were shot in a mirror.

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This talented rising star is Michal Pudelka, who was born in Bratislava (SK) and so far has climbed his way up already working with some of leading stylists, such is Arabella Mills and some of the best Czech fashion designers. His notable photography talent is consisted of his own extraordinary life experiences. 

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