Dreams & Fears by Aleksander Živković

Dreams are generated equally by fantasies and fears, so the endless conflict between these two parts of self becomes the very force of life.

The series Dreams and Fears deals with ambivalent feelings related to human pshyche and its unconscious part, wild and unconstrained while dreaming. Main topics of the artwork considers nightmare anxiety, complex religious or societal fears such as sin, guilt, punishment, public nudity and related fears of exposing, disgrace, embarrassment or in contrary liberating sense of relief, heavenly bliss or pleasure. Furthermore, photographs outline the sexual origin of all types of jouissance, from innocent wishes for fulfilment to forbidden desires that oppose or discard the laws.



Dreamy environment of this broken “fashion non fashion” imagery rejects gender roles and capture androgyny, with anti-hero character that leads the gaze trough obscure and traumatic dreamworld in order to overcome fears. Highly aestheticized vision of female body becomes a bearer of the elusive meaning in this confusing realm – figures of mother, child, lover, whore, saint, martyr or pure evil all meet in a single woman’s body. The ideal integrity of this fashionable body image is unsustainable. Burdened with many conflicts, the consistent picture breaks, it cracks physically in many graphic glitches and jerks, tics of weakness, the sound interferes, as if it tries to push the spectator over the edge, to challenge the perception of reality. Sweat, black tar, body fluids, toxic fumes, animal gestures and phallic forms brings us into the sphere of visually induced journey of the dreams and fears, abject and seductive as the human self is.


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Concept & Art Direction | Dragan Vurdelja
Photographer | Alek Živković
Make up & Hair | Dragan Vurdelja
Model | Marina Krtinić 
video-gif | Bojan Ivović

Content editor for Snobbyamish | Sanja Čežek

Sanja Čežek

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