We live in a time in which our brains have learned to receive an extraordinary huge amount of information, triggering the short-memory to be as shortest as possible. Of course, in this big flow of news feed images, five minute articles and so on, we have learned to remember the very good ones and the very bad ones. Fortunately, we keep mentioning only the good ones.

What seems to amaze us in this particular editorial is the amount of playfulness. In a very spontaneous way the art direction has took place in a small box. Combining the aggressive cooperation of black and white with pale body behind the box creates a balance between the artistic and posh. Andrew Gallimore did a fine job using MAC makeup to the fullest and the hairstyle is  simply designed to fit in the whole concept.

IMG_3049 copy IMG_3040

IMG_30381 IMG_3046 IMG_3044 IMG_3041



Photographer | Rankin

Models | Beth Ogden, Charlie Newman & Isabelle Johnson

Styling | Joseph Kocharian

Hair | Federico Ghezzi

Make-Up | Andrew Gallimore

Nails | Zarra Celik

Sanja Čežek

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