“Paris was nice”

This year, just like any of the previous ones – was super busy, but this year was busy in a different way. What makes it much different is the fact that I am not physically tired at the very end of it, yet I did almost every thing I aimed to do this year.

It was also different because in the middle of it, I have finally decided that my 6 years of joggling 2 full-time jobs, has to come to an end and I have to continue running for just one team. This wasn’t a hard decision, because another team was my own.
I could finally work smarter, which meant being super productive within short hours of work, being able to organise my own work at my own pace and so on. But also it meant, both me and my partner had to put ourselves in 6th gear and make sure our business can support our life(style). 

Being open to many options in order to make shit work, allowed me to finally have a life, travel, and a do/make a lot of nice things along the way, such is spend 14 days in Paris working and visiting game conferences to which our studio and our partners were invited to present our first game.

Paris has it’s ups and downs, just like any other city. Although I do think it’s an imperative to visit it for art, architecture, historic landmarks and just for the sake of saying ‘yeah I’ve been there’… I wouldn’t recommend a 14 day stay though, it sounds flashy, but you can see most of the things within 5 day stay. Might be the fact that I lost my virginity to other European cities, while my partner was raped by Tokyo few days before our arrival there – for both of us Paris was too loud, too stinky and most of the local people were moody all the time. As I hate to generalise, I’ll blame it on the constant tourist arrivals and departures, I guess these locals are super irritated by that and they have every right to be. Then again, “oh it’s Paris” – if you don’t like it, another 10 000 people who saw the city in one of the 10 000 films, certainly will.

I wasn’t impressed + as I have mentioned I am spoiled with Prague cleanliness, Italian politeness and Lisboa people who smile while they pickpocket you – oh well those are my standards. However,  it would be very ignorant to compare this city to any other, because of its huge historical influence. Also, it is a city where my studio had an official meeting with the Sony PlayStation publishing, and where our game was nominated best in many categories –  and that’s not small when it comes from the city that, throughout centuries, made such huge influence in almost every field of Art. So, I tried to do it some justice with this vintage shots I made on the way to the conferences and back with my Fujifilm. Enjoy.

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