Dear Mordor

We arrived at 5 am in the morning. There was absolutely no one. The town below Meteora in Greece was super quiet and we were extremely exhausted from the 15hr drive. Actually, I was, Dušan used his time to sleep while I drove, but I have troubles sleeping as a next-to-driver troubadour. However, the sights were so beautiful, that once we settled in the hotel, we avoided sleeping and went straight up up… up.

All the people who went up, even our parents kept repeating there is some unique feeling you’d feel once you climb to the top and see it from below. The shapes of these mountains are hard to capture with the camera, it simply doesn’t compliment it enough. We did not feel any strange forces within us, as some people mentioned that aliens built this place, yeah maybe call me a skeptic, I don’t dig into it. However, it’s quite clear why people would wanna build fortresses here and hide from, well sometimes, blood-sucking corporate banalities of the World below.


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