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I know very good how to cook, everything, but I just never do. I also have an unfeminist approach to the theory of cooking, because I do believe men are kind of better cooks than us women. We tend to please everyone, find some middle ground, we are natural balance guardians. Men, they think about their stomach and the food usually has a strong personal signature. Sorry girls, don’t give a fuck feminism is a trend to follow today.  That being said, I don’t find this food making ritual amusing, I’m more on the other side of the gun, tasting it. Maybe that will change.
One of my favorite things to do while waiting for a meal is taking photos of interesting shots of the place we’re ordering food in. Not sure why, but whenever I imagine how would a film about my life start, if I had a nearly as interesting life to show, I always realize it would definitely be – at the restaurant. It would start with the sentence:

When I was a kid, I fucking hated food.

My mother always made me eat what I like and dislike to the end. This kind of stayed with me, so today I am super anxious when it comes to picking/ cooking food or spending my time at the table waiting for the food. It took a while to come back to trying stuff I used to eat before. But I am endlessly in love with visiting various hidden untrendy restaurants of the city. Cheap/expensive, bring it on. But interiors, unfortunately, buy me more than the food itself. The feeling of sitting there and taking/gathering mood board shots for my film…
– irreplaceable.





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